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Sailings  and departure times in next few days:

Sun- 29th - 9.15am - 9 spaces

Mon 30th  - 8.30am and 9.15am

Tues 31st -8.30am and 9.15am

Wed 1st June - 8.30am and 9.15am

Thurs 2nd  - 8.30am and 9.15am

Friday 3rd 8.30am and 9.15am

Sat 4th - 9.15am

Sun 5th -9.15am

Mon 6th - 9.15am  Last day for 2015/2015 season


 All trips are subject to weather conditions  and we do require the equivalent of 8 adults to confirm a sailing.

Pending means we need a few more bookings for the boat to be on the water.


Please ph or text Jenny on

027 655 4739 with an enquiry  on short term availability


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Day Trip to Kapiti Island - Tour Nature's Paradise

Visit Kapiti Island, New Zealand's internationally renowned  nature reserve and bird sanctuary and discover some of the world's rarest birds in a wild and natural environment.

Kapiti Island Nature Reserve is just five kilometres from the mainland yet it has a unique and fascinating flora and fauna and is home to many of New Zealands most endangered birds. Experience how New Zealand must have been over 100 years ago. En route to Kapiti Island, pass through the Kapiti Marine Reserve and watch for passing whales and dolphins.  Lookout for the sea birds that frequent the coastal waters - gulls, gannets, penguins, terns, shags,  shearwaters and albatross.

Kapiti Island was made a fauna and flora reserve in 1897 and on arrival at the island your guide will tell you more about the history of the island and how Kapiti has played an important part in the New Zealand conservation story, and still does today. In the visitor shelter our guide will talk about the birds you are likely to see and share the current status of the endangered species and new arrivals. Your guide will explain  the walking options -  whether you are walking to the summit (521 metres) or are meandering on the lowland tracks and what you will likely see. 

Most birds and the impressive forest are to be found below the 250 metre level. You can walk Kapiti Island and watch the birds at your own pace or just relax for a wonderful day.

Guided walks are also available. Spend the first hour after the Introductory Talk with a guide who will help you find and identify the birds and their calls, ponit out and explain the special bush features on the island and discuss more of the Island history. Only $10 per person and limited to 8 people per guide.

We cater for individual travellers and groups of different sizes.

Trips to the Island are weather dependent and need to be confirmed on the morning of your trip by calling 0800 433779 beween 7:15am and 7:30am if you have not received a text from us.  Before you travel please make sure you have read the DOC Conditions of Entry

It is especially important that food is in sealed bags/containers and that all gear is free of dirt and seeds.

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You can book via email or call us on 0800 433 779


Prices Per Person incl GST (includes Doc Permit, Access Fee and Ferry*)
* DOC permit and access fees contribute to the ongoing maintenance on Kapiti

Adult - Rangitira Point

Kapiti Resident Adults -"Take the Locals Special" -Valid until 6th June 2016

Adult - North End -  Not currently available

Child (5-17 years) - Rangitira Point

Child (5-17 years) - North End - Not currently available

Children under 5 years are free

Schools (Primary & Secondary)

Tertiary Students (with ID)

Guided Walks (Additional)

 Payment to be made on the day, by either cash or cheque